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"By far, The best dentist I have ever been to! The cosmetic work I had done, Looks natural and helped me with my self esteem. Ever since I was a kid my smile has always made me speak with my mouth down and have a closed smile. It hurt my self confidence. I came to Dr. Mediouni with a full case of nerves. There is nothing scarier than having dental work done. She made me feel at ease and was just so great to be around. She made my dental experience great. (Which I never thought was possible) I would recommend Dr. Mediouni to anyone who is nervous and wants someone who really cares about them. I smile ear to ear now. Thank You Dr. Mediouni!!"


"A visit to your dentist's can never be pleasant", is what one always thinks but my visit to Dr. Zineb Mediouni's dental office is not just pleasant but also fun. I went for a regular visit to check my overall dental health and get some clarification on getting invisalign braces or possibly veneers. My dental cleaning and inspection was smooth, relatively discomfort-free. You can be assured to get an honest opinion on matters because the beautiful Dr. Mediouni convinced me I don't need veneers (although they are a very expensive and more profitable option for dentists) and suggested I try out invisaligns instead. She educated me on options so I can make an informed decision myself. Because this was my first dental visit in a very long time, she also followed up with a phone call the following day to make sure I was ok and to ask if I had any questions regarding our discussion. She also gave me a lot of free goodies when I left. Overall, for a great dental experience and good customer service, go to Dr. Zineb Mediouni!"