Periodontics in Tampa, FL

Periodontics is a specialized dentistry field that focuses on the structures supporting the teeth. The gums and tissues surrounding the teeth are a vital part of these structures, and these areas are the primary concern of periodontal care. If the gums are not cared for properly, periodontal diseases can develop, causing potentially serious harm to your oral health. 

At ZM Dental in Tampa, FL 33618, we recommend customized oral hygiene maintenance programs to prevent and control gingivitis and periodontal disease. This will help maintain the health of your mouth. We offer a range of periodontal services to address your gum disease and ensure they remain in peak health.

Periodontal Treatments at ZM Dental

Scaling and Root Planing

Over time, plaque and tartar deposits can accumulate on the roots of your teeth. Due to this, the surrounding gum tissue can become irritated, causing an infection. The excess tartar is removed from the tooth roots using scalars. Root planing will smooth the roughness on the root's surface.

Ridge/Socket Preservation

After tooth extraction, the socket can become dry while the tissue is still healing. The surrounding bone may deteriorate after an extraction leading to misalignment of the neighboring teeth. The healing tissues can be protected by filling the socket with a temporary graft material. 

Ridge Augmentation

Ridge augmentation can be used to repair the lost bone or gum tissue. This is done using grafted bone or by augmenting existing tissue.

Sinus Augmentation

If the sinuses of the nose are too close to the jaw, it may hinder performing dental procedures. In such situations, a sinus augmentation procedure can be done to add bone to the upper jaw on either side of the nose to create space for implant placement. 

Bone Grafts

A bone graft is done when gum disease or other complications have led to bone deterioration. The grafted material can be included in existing bone tissue, thus strengthening the affected area.

Gum Grafting

Some gum diseases may cause the gum line to recede, eventually exposing the tooth's root. A gum graft will help add tissue into the declined area when this takes place, thus protecting the root from further exposure.

Pocket Depth Reduction

In due course, people can develop pockets in the gums connected to the tooth. When these pockets become significantly prominent, your gums and teeth can become more vulnerable to disease. This condition can be prevented by reducing the size of the pockets.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening procedures will help increase the tooth length by uncovering the gumline. The lengthening process allows more exposure of the tooth.

Gum Disease

Gum diseases affect the connection of your teeth to your gums. They mostly tend to develop in adulthood, but they can occur at any age. However, gum disease can be averted with efficient brushing and flossing, combined with professional teeth cleanings. 

To learn more about our periodontal treatments, visit the ZM Dental office at 14502 N Dale Mabry Hwy #102, Tampa, FL 33618. You can also reach Dentist in Tampa, FL at (813) 513-5045.

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